MLA ’08 inspirations

This is a jot down.  These are ideas that came to me watching the awesome webcast from MLA ’08

  1. Create a LibraryThing catalog of our board review books and try to get the students to comment and/or tag them (must publicize endeavor!)
  2. Add a web 2.0 section to the toolkits I am responsible for,  OM and HIV
  3. Finish up that wiki for the library and show it to my co-workers
  4. Create a CiteULike page for UniversityLibrarian-my professional persona.
  5. And add to the site for UniversityLibrarian

I listed these with numbers, not bullets but there is no ranking.  Some of these are the popular “low hanging fruit.”  I listed them with numbers so I could see how many there are.  That top one, that is a lot of time and the biggest risk for failure.   But I know students recommend board reviews.  This way they would be doing it online and more of their classmates (and those who come after) would be able to access their recommendations. (An aside-I just spelled checked this document.  Why would a blog not recognize the word “online?”  That just seems so wrong.)

People always tell you to write things down.  This is about as public as I can get.  If I don’t do them we will all know.


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3 Responses to MLA ’08 inspirations

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  2. universitylibrarian says:

    I did number 4

  3. Westinghouse says:

    Somehow i missed the point. Probably lost in translation 🙂 Anyway … nice blog to visit.

    cheers, Westinghouse

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