Voyager WorkARounds

(An aside- While the catalog is down I created a set of links for myself to use when I am looking for resources-especially books.  My one annoyance is LocatorPlus records don’t always have the NLM call numbers – they use some internal call numbers which do me no good!  I published this document from GoogleDocs right into Workpress.  Go me!)

Finding journals

All electronic journals are listed here Enter part or all of the title to see if we have the journal available online. For print holdings search Serial Holdings at Docline

Check with Zuleika, Elaine, Priscilla, Marita or Jenny for access and instruction.

Finding books

You can search other catalogs by title and get the call number. Then the patron or staff person can check the shelves or staff can use the library’s shelf list (on cards behind Zuleika’s desk.) There are two lists, one for reserves and one for circulating and 7 day books.

Below are online options for finding books that use the NLM call numbers.


Thomas Jefferson University

You can also search Locator Plus from the National Library of Medicine

You can look at NLM call numbers in more detail here

Board Review materials and Reserve Books have been listed on HTML pages

Board reviews

7 day books and multimedia

Reserve Books

Text books and recommended texts

Finding multimedia

See above for Board Review and 7 day items.

Clinical Skills

Finding articles

All the full text and citation databases are working. FindIt@UMDNJ is working.

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