Another idea for Facebook engagement…

And hopefully a laugh for everyone.

As part of our upcoming Facebook engagement campaign we will be posting scan of old ads from Medical Journals.

Here’s the first.Ambar scrapbook(you may have to zoom in for the full effect)

As one of my co-workers said,”Speed. It’s what for dinner.  And breakfast.  And lunch.”

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6 Responses to Another idea for Facebook engagement…

  1. Lauren Fox says:

    This is so cool. Great Facebook idea.

  2. Evan Carlson says:

    I think this is a clever campaign concept for a medical library. I can imagine interest in revisiting your Facebook page to glimpse these actual ads promoting dubious products or dispensing now-questionable “medical” advice. Should you branch to A/V with your campaign, you might seek out some of those old radio and/or television ads where the doctor is recommending a particular brand of cigarette to a patient for its relative mildness and smoothness on the throat.

  3. Mikaela says:

    May be habit forming… heh.

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