Sally Gore is a medical librarian who works as an embedded informationist for a NIH grant. She has a blog and I follow it.

Today she is talking about altmetrics and it resonates so strongly with what I am learning from this course that I need to highlight her words..

One thing that I often find myself saying to colleagues, particularly newer grads from library schools, is that when you successfully embed yourself in the work of your patrons, your own value – and your job security – rises much more than if you were only trying to prove your value to your library directors and managers. This is because, if you want to talk numbers, there are more of them than there are library directors and managers. The word gets out that you’re worth having around – that you can do this and that and the other thing that they never knew before..

To me this is what being hyperlinked is about, embedding yourself. The lectures talk about being where your users/patrons are, what is that if not being embedded?

I know I should let you go read it for yourself but her last paragraph is equally important.

Perhaps for a long time, librarians depended upon their libraries for their value. We counted on the intrinsic value of the institution to give us worth. Perhaps today, however, it’s the institution that is dependent upon those of us who work in it to bring that value back. And this is why, I believe, we need to shift the discussion from measuring the value of libraries to measuring the value of librarians. Those are the altmetrics that I’m still waiting to see emerge.

I would argue that a hyperlinked library depends on librarians more so than the traditional model. Only humans can create/curate the stories, the interactions, the user experiences that make up the hyperlinked library.

Check out Sally and let me know if you agree with my reading of her post.  (Does anyone have all of those profiles that she mentions?  I only have a Linkdin account.I need to check them out.)

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6 Responses to Embedded=hyperlinked?

  1. Michael Stephens says:

    “Only humans can create/curate the stories, the interactions, the user experiences that make up the hyperlinked library.” Beautiful statement! May I quote you in a Hyperlinked Library presentation today?

  2. Christine Holmes says:

    What she wrote and what you wrote — how true!

    • Jenny Pierce says:

      She is a very interesting writer to follow. I’m learning a lot about bioinformatic and embedding librarians. Which is a big thing in healthcare. Thank you!

  3. Margaret Driscoll says:

    Hi Jenny. Somehow I also ‘stumbled’ upon the post by Sally … probably in my research on library and librarian value. I, too, was struck by her words on the importance of developing value to our patrons rather than trying to prove it to administration. Actually, if you do the first, the latter comes! Thank you for highlighting this in your blog.

    • Jenny Pierce says:

      Thank you for reading. Sally has some great writing.

      To paraphrase a speaker I once heard, people say the library does this or the library does that. The library is a building and does nothing. The people in the library do everything.

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