Librarians and IRBs

I am taking my CITI Training for the IRB at my institution.  I have been a member for the last 2 years. It was a decision taken at a much higher level that there should be a librarian at each campus IRB. The other campuses in the north of the state have multiple IRBs that meet twice a month! We only meet once and most of our stuff is behavioral.

Well that might not be true, since we are the IRB of record for the hospital. Maybe it just seems like a lot of behavioral research.

Many of the students have to do research so we see a lot of chart reviews and anonymous surveys. The CITI Training is required for anyone doing research and anyone reviewing research.  There is a lot of reading on the screen which is difficult for me.

Last year as part of my IRB responsibilities I got sent to the PRIMR conference.  I was the only University librarian there.  That was an interesting conference.  I enjoyed it a lot.  I did spend most of my time alone but since I was spending in Boston, in December, it was lovely and involved good food!

Two years ago there was a flurry of emails around the time of MLA’s annual, on IRB librarians getting together.  At that time I thought I should write something for publication on the topic.  I never did.  My annual review is coming up.  I should put it onto next years goals!  That would force me to do it.  How measureable it that!

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