Web 2.0 Projects

You may have noticed the Librarything widget on the sidebar!  Yeah!  I have started the project.  Already I am seeing some possible problems but if I can get the data in maybe I can figure out a way around my problems.

I created the account, I have a  procedure for data entry, I even made a Jing movie on how to enter data.  It will be major fun to see what happens next. 

I am feeling quite smart about that widget too!  It’s not a premade one but one that I built myself using data in the LibraryThing help forum.  WordPress doesn’t let you use javascript so the LibraryThing staff came up with a work-around you that allows you to build an image of your library.  The number of books, the title,  the colors, the nature of what is showing are all things you can choose yourself.

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