Why Twitter?

I just signed up for Twitter and a friend I invited to be on it asked why.  This is my answer-

I have been reading so much about it and wanted to try it out. 

It is handy for group messages if I get all my friends to follow me and their phones.

It has been called micro-blogging and the newest trick for Web 2.0

I just started following a NASA mission to mars on twitter!

Lots of librarians I respect twitter and talk about twittering for libraries

The next big conference for the Medical Librarian Association is setting up a group twitter.

Here is one of those cerebral blogs on twitter
http://blog.futurestreetconsulting.com/?p=48 (Skip down and just read the twitter section-it’s short.)

One kid got himself out of jail on twitter

Another man started twittering about the earthquake in China

If you follow someone-someone you find interesting-you will find interesting stuff in little bits.

I am following people on line (there are only 3 including the rocket to mars) except for Chris B and he twitters a lot.

I like the fact that the people who follow you are your tweets (!)

If you found that one of the people who is important in your field were on Twitter wouldn’t you want to hear their “140 character” musings?

I read somewhere you should start something every month.  This is mine for May.

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