Week 8 – Mashups and API – April 28 – May 1

Write about the Mashup you found on your blog.

Browse the results and write something about what these bloggers said about privacy in your blog.
My Thoughts
Mash-ups are fun but resource intensive. 

Authoratory is a mashup I gave a presentation on last year.  I think it is majorly cool for researchers.  Authoratory takes the information freely available in Pubmed and turns it into a way to discover who is doing what research and with whom are they writing.  My favorite part is the bit where the program creates a spider web of relationships between authors.  It is so cool.  One of the caveats is the realization that mistakes are made.  This has to be true for all mash-ups.   

In our library we gave up on the mash-up of WebFeat for electronic books because the search results just took too long and the interface was poor.  So how do you make sure the advantages outweigh the disadvantages?  As computer power increased the ability of a mash-up to deliver results in a reasonable amount of time will increase as well. 

I had never read the Annoyed Librarian blog before.  I enjoyed the rant on anonymity and the blog.  AL talks about how anonymity is part of what allow AL to be AL.  That way the messager doesn’t become the message.  That can be a key in any world, not just the online world.  The anonomous writer or those using pseudonyms have a long history as discussed by AL in the post.  As long as it isn’t hate or inciting to riot-go with anonymous.  I am adding the Annoyed Librarian to my Google Reader.


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One Response to Week 8 – Mashups and API – April 28 – May 1

  1. slederman says:


    Would you contact me please at sol.lederman@gmail.com? I’m interested in knowing more about your experience with mashups for an article I want to write for the federated search blog.

    Sol Lederman

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