Week 7-hosted video and podcasting

The question
“Write a blog entry discussing how you felt about the experience of using YouTube and what you think about this service. Do you see any potential uses for Podcasting in the library? If so what and why?”

The thoughts
Many of the comments on the blog have discussed the difficulty of working with IT departments. One of the pros of using tools like podcasting and YouTube is the ability to take university/hosptial ITs out of the picture.  If your institution has access to those tools you can use them as you will.  Of course you have to acknowledge the risk of getting dooced but it is a valid workaround. 

What was my experience?  I enjoy it.  I find a lot of junk on YouTube and in Podcasting but I have used them both in my personal life. The range of topics is simular to the internet as a whole.  I wish and it may be possible I just don’t know how to do it, that I could use the same tools to limit my searches that I use in Google in YouTube.  I don’t search for podcast.  I don’t find listening to words that easy.  I own iPods but use the shuffle for working out use the bigger one infrequently.  The sites for searching for podcast were easy to use.  And I would recommend them.  The content is more variable and I would need to learn more about how to determine quality based on descriptions

What is a library do with them?  Our university recently started with iTune U.  Podscasting will become a part of our students’ lives.  The library staff has been told there is space for us if we want it.  There are so many options out there.  I want to use it for basic short films on those ready reference question.  One of the examples given to us is using audio podcasts for teaching, I think video is the way to go.   Finding the password for the proxy, using a Pubmed id, OvidSP, new tools.  Anything I do on a person one-to-one level could be broken down and taught.  When I finish this class that is going to be my next digital task!


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