Week 6-Online Photo Sharing

Here is the post for the week.

How did this week go?  Well it went late as can be seen by the fact that the class is over! I didn’t spend any time on this.  Photo sharing, while the essence of 2.0, is something I have difficulty connecting with from a library perspective.  If you have a library with a lot of events I can see it.  If you have an historical collection of images (photos) I can see it.  But we aren’t that library.  Would it make sense for the library to become a repository of student images?  

I was thinking you could use it as a contest.  It could be a scavenger hunt and people post images to prove they completed the task.  One of the libraries in our university is undergoing major renovations as part of a larger hospital project.  They have been posting images of that to the internal system.  Maybe that would make sense to connect with your users as they get inconvienced. 

For librarians, as professionals, posting from conferences is common.  I don’t know how useful it is but it is a nice way to connect.

All in all-this week had the least resonance for me.

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