Catching up on previous weeks-Week 4

I did the work!  I just didn’t blog about it. 

For Week 4 Social Bookmarking-I have used both and LibraryThing previously.  LibraryThing was the one I used for work.  I had this idea of putting the new books in our catalog on it and somehow linking to it from the library’s homepage.  That didn’t happen but what I did do was set it up so that I could always find the books I used for my workshop on EBP for Nurses.  Very handy.  I catalog the books once and I can always find them.  Let me see if I can link to just that filter.  Ooh, looks like I…..can’t.  Oh well-here is my catalog anyway. 

LibraryThing has allowed for my discovery of other books.  Not that I am in the position of being able to purchase but I can look and I can recommend.  I know I could go farther with it. 

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