Week three

The first two weeks were simple compared to week three.  A greater amount of time was needed to explore these two networks.  I don’t feel I understand the technology as much but the concept is understandable.

Professional what is the use of these tool-social networking site?  In the assignment we are to consider four questions-

  • How can social networking be used by MLA to connect members
  • Should your library have a Facebook or MySpace page?
  • Are there privacy concerns for individuals when using social networking sites.
  • What did you like or not like about your experience with Facebook or MySpace.
  • I have answered at least part of the fourth question, the individual technology is more intricate for social networking sites than for wikis and blogs-more time is needed to make the system function as it should.

    Continuing from the bottom up-yes there are privacy concerns but the amount of information you put on your page is determined by you.  So the author of the page must take responsibility. Regardless of that fact it is essential that people realize the public nature of any web page-bolg, wiki or facepage.

    Should my library have a Facebook (social networking) page?  I don’t think so.  At this time the library staff does not have the technical skills to maintain multiple web presences.  I looked on Facebook for students at my university.  The number was small.  We are a health sciences institution which may lead to differences in how social networking software is used (possible paper alert!).  There are social networking sites for clinicians-see this post but are students and house staff using them?  And would they have an institution on them?

    Lastly-working from the bottom up so it is the first question-how can this be useful professionally-specifically through MLA?  MLA has a variety of online initiatives.  This class and other like it for one.  Blogs, SIGs and so on.  The structure of a site like Linkedin would be duplicating much of what already exists in other formats.  Should they move to a new format simple because it is there?  I don’t think so.  I would need more experience (not just one week) to change my answer.

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