Creating an online persona

I have moved all my work content feeds from my personal reader to the one for my new universitylibrarian Google username.  What I am doing is creating a new and separate online persona.  I cannot call it a person since there is not enough reality.  This persona is somewhere between my professional life-an institutional email and reality-and my personal life.  And this person has no connection to my real name or any other real information about me. 

It has always been there but I am just starting to see serious writing on on-line privacy that has to do less with financial records security and more with other, less concrete issues.  Dean Giustini has a section on the UBC wiki on digital reputation that considers some of the issues around privacy.  He also considers reputation.  I wonder if reputation has an inverse effect on privacy on the web.  Can I be private and have a “good” reputation on the web? 

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