Week 2 lesson plan

As a way of holding everything together I have decided to copy the lesson for week 2 and add my comments on each step.  My first comment is a question on whether or not that is a good idea?  Should a blog only link to another blog and not duplicate the information?  Many blogs will hold a section, a quote while other will have a descriptive (or not!) title and a link. 

 Discovery Exercise:

  • Step 1:Wikis can be used for many different reasons; document management, group collaboration projects, knowledge base, and internal communication. Check out the various wikis created by librarians to discover how you might use one at your workplace.
    University of Minnesota Libraries Staff Wiki– Internal communication among library staff as well as a document repository.
    UBC HealthLib Wiki – Knowledge base collection for health librarians.
    Ohio University Libraries Biz Wiki – Collection of business information resources available through Ohio University Libraries.
  • Step 2:Join the class wiki at http://mlawikiclass.wetpaint.com.
  • Step 3:Create and design a basic wiki based on a potential use. For the purposes of this class we will be using WetPaint http://www.wetpaint.com/. Go to WetPaint and create a wiki by clicking on start your own wiki.
    Tip:Your wiki can be on anything you like. However if you would like to create a wiki for library use, check out some of the wiki examples listed on Step 1 for inspiration.
  • Step 4: One of the great things about wiki is the easy way it fosters group collaboration. Go to the class wiki, http://mlawikiclass.wetpaint.comand contribute. Post a link to the wiki you’ve started. Post a link to the blog you created in Week 1.
  • Step 5: Go to the class wiki or mla-hls wiki and find a page which you could contribute information towards and add to it.
  • Optional Step 6:Go to the blog you created in week 1 and add the MLA Web 2.0 101 Blogs page and the MLA Web 2.0 101 Wikipage to your blog’s Blog Roll.
  • Step 7: What is the difference between a blog and a wiki? What sor of things might be better suited for a blog and better suited for a wiki? Write a brief response on your blog. Submit the link to your blog post to the instructors using the form (see instructions).
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